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Pediatric Dentist Specialist

Downey Smile Center

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Parents in the Downey, California, area trust their children’s teeth to the care of Won Young Kim, DDS. The staff at Downey Smile Center make great efforts to help your children feel comfortable and set them up for a lifetime of healthy dental habits. If you want to ensure your kids don’t become scared to go to the dentist, make an appointment with one of the friendly dentists at Downey Smile Center.

Pediatric Dentist Q & A

When should children start seeing the dentist?

Preventive care is the most important reason to take your child to the dentist when they are still young. You should schedule your child’s first dental checkup as soon as your child gets their first tooth, but no later than their first birthday. Early dental care helps prevent plaque buildup and cavities and keeps minor problems from turning into major issues.

Scheduling regular dental visits for your child also makes it easier to establish healthy dental habits early on. As a family practice, Downey Smile Center sees children from infancy through adolescence, helping them build a healthy foundation to carry into adulthood.

Do baby teeth require special care?

You may think that because they’re temporary, baby teeth aren’t that important. But baby teeth are placeholders for permanent teeth, providing a path for adult teeth to follow, so they require special care. Focusing on both prevention and maintenance is imperative during the span of time between your child’s first lost tooth and their last.

The way children treat their baby teeth will also influence how they care for their adult teeth. Establishing a normal dental routine will make the transition from caring for baby teeth to permanent teeth much smoother. Downey Smile Center encourages children to create good habits they can carry into adulthood.

How does Downey Smile Center accommodate children?

Dr. Kim is passionate about making children feel comfortable and welcome at Downey Smile Center. They strive to keep a calm, relaxed environment to prevent children from developing a fear of going to the dentist. They also enjoy establishing relationships to create a family-friendly experience.

Dr. Kim provides children with attentive, gentle care during their regular cleanings, X-rays, and exams. They monitor your child’s tooth and jaw development for any signs of concern. They also offer fluoride treatments and sealants for their younger patients.

While you’re at the dentist, Dr. Kim can also offer guidance to you and your children about proper oral hygiene and diet to keep their teeth healthy. They like to get the whole family involved in proper dental care so it becomes a habit.

If you’re ready to try a child-friendly clinic, call Downey Smile Center to schedule your child’s next dental appointment.

Notes:  It is a regular dentistry clinic, but they accept pediatric patients and are passionate about making pediatric patients feel comfortable even though it’s traditionally an adult environment. They are a family practice.